Smoke Generation – Smoke Elimination

The world-famous GERMOS vapour-smoke generator, an efficient and professionally made industrial smoke machine.

  • automatic function
  • full smoke capacity in seconds
  • woodchips transport and precise portioning via stainless steel worm-gear
  • energy saving mode during non-operation times
  • by using water steam there is no open flame in the smoke generator
Raucherzeuger für die Nahrungsmittelindustrie

Vapour smoke – the technologically most up-to-date technique for hot and cold smoke

In the smoke generator water steam is superheated to approx. 400°C/750°F and afterwards pressed through beech wood chips. Due to the selected temperature a smoke of mild or strong intensity is being developed. The wet vapour-smoke is transferred in the smoke house onto the cooler smoked product by condensation.

  • aromatic smoke flavour
  • significantly shorter smoking cycles
  • tender casing with wiener sausage
  • uniform and stable smoke colour, the colour will no longer fade off when showering or cooling
  • choice of smoke colours from light to dark
  • very small quantities of destructive substances because of low smoke generating temperatures
  • high reproductivity – smoke colour and flavour can be repeated at any time
  • applicable for all hot smoke and cold smoke products including raw sausage