Hot Smoke Houses

Optimized air circulation:

  • optimized airflow by simulation software
  • central fan with turning flap
  • high efficiency motors
  • stainless steel made with plain pipe, bunch-type heating elements
  • high sanitation standard with rounded seamless transition from sidewall to floor
  • tight closing valves
  • floor even access to treatment cabinet with newly developed lifting hinges and tight closing silicone door gasket embedded in the door frame
  • tar separators in the channels
  • sight glass in the door
  • microprocessor control with PC documentation
  • optional devices for climate operation or baking
  • different options for manual and pneumatic swing doors, or automatic lifting doors

Combined Smoke and Cooling Houses:

Top technology is responsible for superior performance and ulmost uniformity with processing. The sizes can be selected between 1 and 20 smoke cages (1x1x2 m) in one- or two-row design. All installations are designed for heavy-duty industrial operation featuring a lot of elaborated details.

Smoke Houses special design:

  • special length or width of cabinet
  • heating with indirect gas or electric coils
  • rail systems
  • automatic floor or ceiling conveyor Systems