Cooling Houses

GERMOS intensive cooling houses are suitable for a controlled cooling-down of hot products. With thick diameter products the cooling time equals about the cooking time. Thin diameter products, for example wiener, are cooled even faster in about 30-40 min. to packaging temperature. With Wiener type products one intensive chiller can cool the output of two smoke houses.
The houses are manufactured of stainless steel and equipped with a high-efficiency ventilation system, stainless cooling elements and an intensive showering system. Cooling-down is effected in time or core temperature regulated programs (shower, shower with cold air, cold air only) which assure the optimal cooling curve for each product.

  • saving of cost by reducing the water consumption during shower
  • much better energy balance by utilizing the evaporation cooling effect
  • fast passing of the critical temperature ranges between 120° and 80° F (49°/27° C)
  • cooling-down to packaging temperature (43°F/6° C or below)
  • chilling to a slicing temperature of 21°F/-6°C within shortest possible time
  • significantly smaller weight losses because of shorter cooling and storage time
  • optimization of transportation requirements, and saving of cooling room space
  • compact construction, low maintanance, high sanitary standards, easy cleaning
  • microprocessor control with PC documentation