The new control GN 22.1 combines a universal measured value recording system with a precise control system offering intuitive operation. The scalability allows it to be individually adapted to a particular task. The control and data recording therefore meet the requirements of the AMS 2750 and CQI-9 specifications.

Modular measurement, regulating and automation-system

Central processing unit:
The central processing unit contains the process map of your application. At the same time the unit manages the configuration and parameter data from your system. Startup of measured value recording and control loops is therefore quick and convenient using the setup program. With web servers, access to your process values is always reliable and  convenient.

Control of up to 64 critical values
Integrated SPS according to IEC 61131.3 (optional)
Integrated Webserver
E-Mail dispatch

LAN (Ethernet) (HTTP bzw. Modbus/TCP as a Master/Slave)
Serial RS232 (Modbus RTU as a Master/Slave)
Serial RS422/485 (Modbus RTU as a Master/Slave)
PROFIBUS-DP as a Slave (starting from V.02)

Installation of the Setup program on a PC and connection via USB or LAN-line with the basis module (central unit). Datas of the Setup / functions are:

Configuration of the entire system
Selection of the language
Configuration and parametrization
of I/O Modules
Configuration of the central unit
Configuration and programmiing of SPS
Program editor for 99 programs
Configuration of all 9 programcontroller
Configuration of registration and
documentation of the charges
Editor for process icons

Multichannel Controller Module
The multichannel controller module can be used for up to four PID controller channels (cascadable). The standard version includes two high-quality universal analog inputs for thermocouple, RTD temperature probe, resistance transmitter, resistance/potentiometer and standard signals, two digital inputs (DC 0/24 V), and two digital outputs as relays with normally open contact (AC 230 V/3 A) or as logic output (DC 0/15 V). The three expansion slots (option 1, 2, and 3) mean that the module can be expanded to up to four universal analog inputs, eight digital inputs, three analog outputs, or eight digital outputs. The digitized input values/states are available for further processing in the system. The digital and  analog outputs can be controlled by the system (via the connection list or directly by the PLC) or directly by the module. The module operates independently, even in the event of the central processing unit or higher level system failing. This behavior can be configured. LEDs are used to indicate applied voltage supply, the module operating status, and the digital  input/output statuses. For retrofitting or service work, the module insert can be easily pulled out of the case to the front. The case, including the bus PCB, remains installed on the DIN rail. The user can use a setup program for straight-forward configuration and parameterization of the multichannel controller module.

Decentral HMI multifunctional panel

Defined layout of the screen for controler,
program-controller and registration function
Customized process icons
User administration
Acces for configuration of the entire system
Registration function (optional)
Integrated webserver
E-Mail dispatch
3 USB-interfaces
2 Bus-connections
Real-time Illustration
2 serial interfaces (optional) for
Configuration of all connected modules

Input of given values and text for charges
Data archive

SPS Function

SPS Programming system CODESYS,
Programming according to IEC 61131-3
Programming through all editors defined
in IEC 61131-3
All In- and Outputs can be read and specified
Libraries with defined function devices and
data types including documentation

Features of the system

Fast wiring of operation voltage and system-Bus with easy sticking-system of the modules
Flexible connection-technic with removable terminal blocks mit Push-technology
Touchscreen multifunctional panel with universal analog Inputs
Reliable, self-sufficient PID-controller with self-optimization-function
Integrated SPS according to IEC 61131-3 (optional)
9 Program-controller (optional)
Mathematics- and Logic-functions (optional)
Voltage 24VDC
Adequate registration-function up to 54 analog and 54 digital prozess-values (optional) – via USB-stick or PCACommunications-
software transferable and evaluable
Multilingual operation and configuration
Record of measured datas, illustration and registration including documentation of the charges (optional)
Storage of all measured datas and – evaluation with a analyssis software
Handling, illustration and documentation of all charges with a special software for illustration the equipment


GERMOS installations are featuring state-of-the-art microprocessor technology, including modern touch panels. All required programs with related program steps can be stored and executed. A software is automatically Controlling the necessary functions of house, smoke generator, and smoke elimination. Process values can be altered manually. The system recognizes faults and defective components, and dispatches appropriate fault, messages. Microprocessor and power part are professionally wired, and placed in a tight, stainless steel box. For documentation and program administration the software pack PROLINK is available. PROLINK is logging the programs and all process data automatically and durable on an external PC. It allows also evaluations, and the generation of graphs and print-Outs.